he rapid adoption of next generation sequencing (NGS) of human DNA by clinicians and researchers is providing dramatic new insights into disease diagnosis and individualized clinical care and creating an exploding volume of clinically-rich genomic and epigenomic data.

Genome Profiling, LLC (www.genprollc.com) is at the forefront of this rapidly emerging market with the first epigenetic biomarker discovery platform that combines a proprietary pre-NGS gDNA preparation kit matched to powerful NGS data analytics algorithms that plug-n-play into standard NGS workflows and enable one NGS run to deliver data for both genomic variant call analyses data AND epigenetic data.

GenPro transforms the epigenetic data into novel epigenetic biomarkers (EpiMarkers™) with definitive prognostic, diagnostic, therapeutic efficacy monitoring and patient stratification value. GenPro's EpiMarker Discovery Platform's power and uniqueness lie at the nexus of the sensitivity and accuracy of its methylation quantification measurement capability and its analytics. The platform identifies unique combinations of methylation states from multiple CpG loci within a genome to characterize new clinically relevant EpiMarkers™.

GenPro leverages its capabilities through collaborative "lab-bench-to-bedside” partnerships with bio-pharma companies, diagnostic companies, and clinical research institutions to discover, elucidate and commercialize novel EpiMarkers™ that deliver high clinical value across many chronic and life threatening diseases and create new business growth opportunities for its partners.