The agency of Globe Star was established in 1996 as a Gentle Teaching-based, direct provider of human services for Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. All staff/providers are trained and mentored in how to build relationships with individuals that cultivate companionship and a sense of community

Relationship-building is focused on creating connections, recognizing value and creating meaning. The relationship itself becomes the vehicle for learning processes that result in one's social-emotional awareness and development, and enrich one's quality of life.

The social vision of Gentle Teaching reflects on our human capacity to love and to serve. "Mentoring a spirit of gentleness" is the heart of our practice.

Director Dr. Anthony M. McCrovitz teaches, "Building a relationship for mentoring a culture of gentleness works through the exploring and restructuring of social-emotional patterns; assimilated tendencies that have been woven as one’s foundational fabric for clothing the self in all its varied aspects. Before true learning and authentic growing can occur, a person’s sense of self, the very foundation of how one conceives and perceives themselves to be, must feel safe and loved!

This is the heart of Gentle Teaching. It is learning about dynamics of companionship through relationship-building that models and mirrors this foundational, unified (interconnected) structure from which interdependency emerges. Social-emotional awareness and growth is rooted in social interconnectivity--- the weaving of social fabric, within ourselves, in our lives, and in our communities.

As one becomes aware of the different aspects of the self (ie self-worth, self-esteem, self- determination), new connections can be made and meaningful moments can be created.

Through relationship-building, mentoring a spirit of gentleness invites one to become connected and rooted in a ‘safe and loved’ foundation for grounding one in their social-emotional wholeness and growth. This growth in self-awareness naturally creates, too, a culture of hope, allowing one to perceive possibilities and potentials for human development.

A Gentle Teaching framework guides a parent or professional in supporting and mentoring others in growing and becoming aware of these connections."