George Delany Art offers, in particular:
• Instagram art photos, images Mr. Delany records using iPhone technology as these images are converted to Instagram prints, then made available on his art site
• Photographs, images Mr. Delany takes primarily with his Nikon, then converts to electronic images made available on his art site
• Drawings and sketches of subjects and themes reflecting our times, many completed in black-and, all made available as art prints on his site
• Fine-art prints made from original oil and acrylic paintings covering contemporary themes Mr. Delany holds to be important, all made available on his site.

This work is the culmination of his life in Graphic Design where he participated as owner, principal, Art, then Creative Director and Chief-Creative Officer. Works have been cited for design excellence, posted in a variety of publications, and been included in a considerable number of personal, institutional and corporate collections. Preferred mediums include photography, iPhone electronic imagery, India Ink, pencil, charcoal, screen printing, engraving, and oil and acrylic paint.