GeoWash, thanks to it's waterless system, can run its business in literally any place. Therefore GeoWash
has innovated this industry by presenting and delivering car washing services in a convenient way: at
parking lots in Shopping Centres, Supermarkets, Office Parking, homes places and other parking locations,
wherever people park their cars when performing other activities. It is the only and pioneering mobile
waterless system in the UK, yet tested and very successful in other countries like USA.
GeoWash uses mobile washing carts which are completely self sufficient – it contain all necessary things
to fully wash and valet the car externally and internally, like chemicals, power supply, vacuum machine and
cleaning sprays.
GeoWash is an international franchisee present in over thirty countries in the world. GeoWash UK Ltd
holds Master Franchise rights for the whole UK and invites partners around country who wants to take part
in this fast growing business with enormous potential.