Gepard: Dedicated Solution Automating All Product Data Flows in Ecommerce

Gepard evolved into an independent platform at Bintime software company. These days, the Gepard team works on eСommerce, PIM, and other software development projects for clients around the world. The solution helps brands and retailers to standardize product information at a single source of truth and deliver it across the sales channels automatically.

Gepard has been ranked at the top of various international ratings and companies like Amazon, GS1, HP, Dell, Rakuten, Elkjop, Lazada have chosen to work with us. We are on a lifetime journey to improve our services and our solutions. Taking the client’s challenge as our own helps us to transform it into a trampoline for customer’s success and the evolution of our services.

Gepard PIM & Syndicator Improves Operations Efficiency By 75%

While working with us you can rely on our team with all the product data routine, raise your productivity by automating product content flows, and concentrate on your performance.

Gepard PIM system benefits:

- Single source of truth. Keep all data in one place. Save resources on repetitive tasks.
- Less manual work. Collaborate with your team efficiently. Reduce excessive communication.
- End-to-end content service. Get your PIM integrated with your software ecosystem at the minimal effort from your side.
- Seamless updates. Benefit from immediate product data updates from PIM to your online channels.
- Quick connection to new channels. Connect new channels faster to accelerate your sales.
- Multilingual interface and data storage. Support your international business units with a product information management tool that speaks their language.
- Product information is adjusted to your data structure and format automatically. 47+ integration partners, 85K+ product data templates, 100+ data mapping rules, 1B+ monthly product updates.

With more than 15 years of expertise, the Gepard team of 150 highly experienced developers has been working on product information management solutions for clients around the world.