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New Beekeeping Service for the Individual Home Owner, supplying raw Honey made right in your own Backyard!


Doing your part in bringing back the declining honeybee population has never been sweeter. A new bee service is provided by GetBees based in Northern California. Giving the common home owner or business an opportunity to purchase a beehive with an ongoing service needed to maintain the hive throughout the years. The service includes medicating, feeding, as well as extracting and bottling honey produced from your own hive. The average GetBees client is expected to receive 15-20 lbs of pure raw honey each year.


For those who want a more hands-on experience, beekeeping lessons can be given during the time of hive maintenance. Extra bee suits are provided to avoid the rare bee stings.


The need for these marvelous pollinators has never been more important. The honeybee has been devastated in the past 3 years by an unknown cause, and losses are occurring worldwide with numbers dropping nearly 40 percent. Possible explanations for these losses include pesticides, stress, and poor nutrition.


Allen Larson, owner and sole operator of GetBees, believes that beehives kept in the backyard is one of the best defenses against undo stress. Keeping the hive in one location allows the bees to collect pollen and nectar from backyard gardens throughout the neighborhood. This with proper maintenance gives the bees a fighting chance against the unknown.


Mr. Larson has been around bees most of his life. He was raised on a small family run apiary where he learned the ins and outs of the lost art of keeping bees. In recent months, he has seen the rising concern for the pollinators and peoples willingness to help; This is that opportunity.


To get your own hive or obtain more information go to or contact: Allen Larson 530-510-6181