We offer a revolutionary product aimed at eliminating the hassles that entrepeneurs encounter to get a small business loan. Through a process called credit card factoring, we offer business owners with merchant cash advances up to $500,000. It is similar to a business loan in that you get the working capital to use for your business. Yet, it is so much better because we do not require any personal guarantees, collateral security or co-signers. Instead of waiting for months for your business loan to get approved, we approve you in less than 24 hours and we put the funds in your business account in less than 5 business days.

How can we do this?
Well, first of all, our product is not a loan, it is a cash advance on your future sales. We make our decision based on your future sales, not your credit report. This is why we can offer working capital to your business, no matter what your credit score is. We believe that a credit score does not affect the way an entrepeneur is able to run his business - this is our strategic vision which differentiates us from traditional banks.

We are backed by banks, venture capitalists and hedge funds all around the country who invest in businesses based on their future sales. We have already helped thousands of businesses just like yours across the country. We understand that many businesses find it difficult to acquire working capital through traditional small business loans because they lack collateral. That's why we provide valuable working capital to businesses with a working capital product that is tailored to individual business needs. Our goal is to put money in your hands without the hassles of a traditional small business loan.

Even if you do not own the building in which your business operates, GetFastCapital can provide you with working capital without the difficulty associated with traditional bank loans and factors.

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