Chuckra – a small company with a big heart - is behind GetYourLearners.co.za. Chuckra has a range of websites providing educational and cognitive enhancement resources which are available for free (where possible) or at genuinely low prices.

11plus.co.uk is a Chuckra website which helps children aged 9+ prepare for their Eleven Plus exams in the UK. The site covers all subjects tested in the exams, namely Verbal Reasoning (VR), Non-Verbal Reasoning (NVR), Maths and English. Their COAsT (Chuckra Online Assessment Tool) system provides users with practice materials. COAsT Lite has some free papers that users can test themselves on, but for more in-depth preparation Chuckra provides upgrade packs for each subject. Each pack contains a series of mock tests and extra practice materials as well as an assessment test so parents can take note of any gaps in their child’s knowledge or skill set.

BrainExperiment.org is another Chuckra site, this one focussing on enhancing users’ brains through various “brain games”. These games test various aspects of our brains such as visual, accessing, language, verbal reasoning, audio, memory, processing, reactions, focus, maths, visuospatial and non-verbal reasoning. The aim of the games and the site in general is to enhance these various features and help keep our brains healthy and active. Studies have found that individuals taking up intellectual pursuits (such as reading, playing board games, doing crossword puzzles etc) show a reduced risk for developing Alzheimer’s disease.

GetYourLearners.co.za is a free website aimed at helping people to pass their Learner’s Test. While you can learn a lot about the rules of the road and traffic signs from the popular South African K53 Learner’s books, you can’t necessarily do a lot of practice through them without buying many books over, which is where GetYourLearners comes in.

Our site provides users with a free online testing system to help hone their knowledge. The system gives users instant feedback on their answers, so they know immediately whether they got a question correct or not. This allows users a fast and efficient way of identifying weak points in their knowledge, and serves as an alternative method of judging one’s understanding instead of having to wade through a long list of right or wrong answers, trying to remember what the question was.

For those who prefer to go through a list of question results, however, we provide that too. We go one step further, in fact, and provide users with progress analysis. This essentially means that we break down their results by category: Rules of the Road, Regulatory Signs, Warning Signs, Guidance and Info Signs, Traffic Signals, Temporary Signs, Road Markings and Vehicle Controls. This listing by category allows users easily to spot gaps in their knowledge – do they need more practice on Warning Signs, or Traffic Signals etc.

GetYourLearners.co.za also provides free K53-compliant revision material. It covers everything found in the Learner’s Licence Test – Road Signs, Rules of the Road and Vehicle Controls. There is also a “cheat sheet” provided, which is essentially a list of all the distance-related numbers learners need to know for their test.