Get Your Pants On! Launches, Supports Optimism and Charities

Huntersville, NC – Entrepreneur, Kevin Cole of Kevin Cole Photography just announced the launch of Get Your Pants On!, an inspirational clothing line designed to get folks geared up and moving.  The T-shirts are available in 24 different designs that contain a call to action because NOW is the time!  Cole designed a sporty action figure named “Guy” in various poses with catchy captions like, “Get Your Smile On” or “Get Your Peace On.”

“The whole idea behind the ‘Get Your Pants On!’ concept is to spread a positive message that will inspire others to gain confidence, refresh perspective and live with a positive attitude to initiate personal and professional growth, while raising community awareness,” says Cole.  A portion of the proceeds will benefit various charities, including the Levine Children’s Hospital, The Hope House Foundation, Soles 4 Souls, Angels & Sparrows and Victory Junction Gang.  “Giving back to the community is an integral part of our mission,” he adds.  “Each year, it’s our goal to increase the percentage that we give to charities.”

The high quality T-shirts are available in men and women’s sizes in various colors and styles.  A children’s line will be available soon.   To learn more about Get Your Pants On! visit www.GetYourPantsOn.com, email info@GetYourPantsOn.com or call 704-699-2290.