Giacobbe Mazone, aka MAZ or "Son of Picasso" (no relation to Pablo Picasso). Birth named Jacob Mazone [Italian]: Is an artist-painter that is arguably one of the greatest living Contemporary Abstract Expressionists. Several hundred of his paintings reside in homes and offices nationwide. His grandparents, from South-Central Sicily, encouraged him to paint at age 6.  Mazone is an influential artist in the 21st century because he is known for being the originator of "Emotionalism¬©" in 2014 through the creation of Spiritual Expressionist paintings.

His unique style uses a duality of: Expressionism and Surrealism. Within his paintings, he additionally applies symbolic meaning and hidden code. His paintings are considered by a growing audience as an excellent choice for "Art Therapy."  Some therapists use medical Art Therapy for patients to express creativity, or to discuss feelings after intently gazing at colorful images.

Beginning in 2019, The Pollock-Richter art philanthropy project became the Brain-Child of Giacobbe Mazone.  He feels the paintings within this series will evoke positive emotional responses within the viewer, spark intellectual conversations, and encourage great interest in Contemporary Expressionist paintings in America and abroad.

Giacobbe Mazone designed this art philanthropy project to build community friendships with the goal of spreading the significance and uniqueness of Contemporary Expressionism paintings. These are 12"x12" original paintings that are given to community influencers as a free gift to raise Contemporary Abstract Expressionism's awareness, while also stimulating the recipient's visual interest and emotional well-being.  

As of July 2019, the Giacobbe Mazone Art Studio outside of Boise, ID has gifted over 370 paintings from the Pollock-Richter Project© ...mainly to fine art connoisseurs, medical professionals, and city influencers. Each of the gifted small canvases is backed up by a similar painting on a larger scale that is placed on the art market for sale.

The Mazone originals are painted in a style that combines the professional techniques of both Jackson Pollock and Gerhard Richter. "We give the smaller originals for free to inspire many to talk about Surrealism and Expressionism styles of art." Mazone hopes this will potentially lead to the larger versions being globally disseminated.  Many have found these paintings to be ideal Art Therapy and puzzle-like intellectual conversation starters.

Artistmazone.com, (208) 407-0185, info@artistmazone.com