In the 1950’s, the Gibble family had a stand in a local farmer’s market selling various goods and wares.  One thing that they wanted to sell to complement their goods was a great tasting potato chip.  Unfortunately for them, none could be found that they felt was up to their standards of quality and taste.

Fortunately for you and me – they decided to make their own!  They relied on an old family recipe to produce a home style chip that they could sell at the market for those interested in their other goods.  Over time, however, more people came back for the chips than for anything else they sold!  Clearly, they had found their calling.

The Gibble family continued to expand production and eventually add other products to their growing brand.  They built a plant in Chambersburg, PA – just behind the family home – and focused solely on snack food.
Today, Gibble’s Foods has undergone some changes but the brand has withstood time. With a dedicated workforce full of passion to make quality products and leadership of the Hartman Snack Group Inc., the production and operation of Gibble’s snacks looks forward to continuing the tradition of quality for many years to come.  We thank our customers for their loyalty and support during these exciting times!

The potato chips, cheese puffys, pretzels, and popcorn that you’ve loved for over fifty years are made in a state of the art production facility in south central Pennsylvania.  The quality and commitment to good taste continues as they add new products, new tastes, and new customers to what is a much loved brand.