The world is facing an unprecedented global health, social and economic emergency as a result of covid-19 pandemic. Travel and tourism is among the most affected sectors with a massive fall of international demand amid global travel restrictions including many borders fully closed, to contain the virus. However, with the prospects of several vaccines coming and less stringent restrictions, experts say it is possible 2021 return to a semblance of normality. With this hope, we have released our android version app on play store on 1st January, 2021.

The app name is GiftMyTrip

GiftMyTrip is a social venture and is a world’s first travel app that connects the travelers & property owners directly to social, economic development, and environmental projects around the world.
Every minute, globally 12 million hotels are searched, 2 million hotels are booked, $2 million spent on hotel and at the same time, 1 million children are dying of hunger, 2 million are out of school and 1 million children do not have shelter. The nonprofits & causes that are serving these children need money continuously. Even if $1 is donate on every booking, it will be a 1 million dollars in a minute, an important money needed for those nonprofits & causes.  

GiftMyTrip’s mission is to convert every e-transaction in travel & tourism industry into a social e-transaction that can bring happiness in the lives of underprivileged.GiftMyTrip app enables travelers to make a wonderful gift to the projects, causes & nonprofits that are working for the betterment of the community at No Extra Cost.

Every time a hotel & flight booking is made using the app, up to 5% of the booking amount is donated to the causes & non-profits that are selected by users. No extra amount is collected. The user pays the same amount what they pay on the other online booking apps.

The founder & CEO says that “Imagine, how thrilling it is to educate an underprivileged child by just booking a stay or feeding an orphan by just booking a flight ticket at no extra cost to traveler”  

There are no fake claims to give away huge deals, discounts & offers to attract & trap the users to adopt the products & services. GiftMyTrip has more than 70,0000 hotel inventories at lowest prices across the globe.