Gigstad Law Office, LLC proudly serves the Overland Park community and all counties throughout Kansas.  An arrest for a crime and charges of a criminal offense can be a frightening and intimidating experience when facing the court system.  It is crucial to have a strong defense from the arrest, at arraignement and during the entire criminal process.  A guilty verdict can mean time in jail or prison, large fines, other harsh penalties and the loss of certain freedoms.  The firm defends those charged with a DUI and serious felony DUI, drug crimes, theft, juvenile crimes, traffic offenses, domestic violence and all other violent or non-violent crimes.  A defendant has a lot at stake when charged with an offense because a conviction can affect many aspects of life such as employment, school choices, ability to pursue a career, insurance rates, and other consequences.  You can learn more about the firm and attorneys at http://www.gigstadlaw.com.