GillyGro is a children's product brand. Our mission is to simplify the early years of parenthood with products that allow moms and dads to enjoy time with their precious little ones without some of the stresses that go along with it.

Our Main Product - GillyGro Backpack is actually 5 products in one.

It comprises of,
- a portable high chair
- a diaper changing station
- a picnic/activity mat
- a landing spot for a nap
- a spacious carry all

You will essentially be carrying everything you need for a whole day out with your little one in one backpack.

Top 3 Benefits of GillyGro Backpack,

Benefit #1: Peace of Mind While Out and About with Your Children
- Our portable high chair comes with a 5-point Harness Safety 
Design that has five attachment points designed to restrain your child at the shoulders and hips.
- With a GillyGro personal portable high chair within reach, you can say good bye to germy public dining highchairs.
- Our large detachable padded mat will give you a spacious, hygienic area on which to change energetic and wriggly kids in public changing stations.

Benefit #2: Enjoy Happy Social Life Again
- In less than a minute you can feed your loved one on a safe and clean GillyGro portable high chair wherever you are.
- Our soft padded mat offers a familiar, clean space for a nap on demand. No need to leave in the middle of a fun gathering with friends or family.

Benefit #3: Maintain Your Personal Style
- GillyGro allows you to be organized and efficient and look stylish at the same time.
- No more pastel or cartoony diaper bag. No mom or dad will be embarrassed carrying GillyGro!
- Our elegant and sleek 5-in1 backpack design with folded high chair, diaper changing pad, picnic/activity mat, napping spot, and ample storage space allows you to

Support moms who know the struggles and logistics of raising kids. We are loving, dedicated moms who are excited about providing solutions to invite ease, calm, and care to parents’ life.

By supporting this campaign, you will help to encourage better children products on the market, invented by moms who have been, and are still, going through it.