Scott duPont (President of Nemours & Publisher) was eager to partner with Ginny and put out a second edition of the book. The other incentive for Nemours Publishing to move forward with this project was the lucrative potential for a movie deal for the adapted screenplay, “WIN” already written by Pamala L. Hall, and based on the novel, “What Is Normal?” currently being pitched for a movie deal. Scott duPont (also an established Hollywood movie producer with almost a dozen films under his belt), is looking forward to signing on as one of the film’s producers. This new Agreement and partnership seemed to be a “Win” for both parties.

Scales-Medeiros has already been on radio and TV, talking about her book, most recently on ABC’s morning show, “Believe in Yourself.” After reading the book, duPont remarks: “The book is a very inspiring tale and will certainly be an empowering tool for millions”.

Scales-Medeiros and duPont initially crossed paths in Detroit, Michigan almost 5 years ago when duPont and his film crew were at the International Auto Show shooting interviews for his award winning documentary film “What is the Electric Car?”. It turns out Ginny was contracted as Special Projects for ZAP Electric Vehicles Manufacture at the time and had been driving a 100% electric vehicle for several years. The producers interviewed Ginny in Detroit and she made the final cut of the movie. That chance encounter in a Detroit hotel elevator was documented in Ginny's novel “What is Normal?” along with the main character in Ginny's book ending up driving an 100% electric car.  duPont and Scales-Medeiros kept in touch the last few years and collaborated again when Ginny (along with over a dozen other celebrities) was asked to be a Contributing Author for the spin-off book “What is the Electric Car? 79 Reasons to Drive