Gladiator Publishing Company has always placed our Readers and Authors before Revenue. It has been the Gladiator way in the world of business. So when we decided to make the transition from an established Newspaper Publication in Birmingham Alabama to Seneca Missouri to publish books, it was a culture shock. Not because of the drastic change in occupation, but because of the less than respectful business ethics being demonstrated by our less-than-satisfactory competitors. This is the perfect time for Gladiator Publishing to open the cover and rewrite the way the Publishing Industry is operating in modern times. Under new leadership, we have established a fierce reputation among other Publishers as a company that will stop at nothing to protect their Authors and integrity of our Publications. 98 year in the industry may seem like a long time, but when you switch your primary product, you are the new-kid-on-the-block. We are okay with the notion and a more than happy to take on any competitor that hold as many registrations, certificates, and notorieties as we currently do. Let us accept the "Price for Price" challenge to all foes because as we sit right now, we are 75-82% LESS COST than our closest competitor on their best days. Somehow we offer a more effective service to all Authors, how do we do it? Because we care more about Publishing your Novel than we do the bottom-dollar. Honesty, Loyalty, Respect.