The Firm:

  • GlassBridge Enterprises, Inc. is an emerging public company focused on asset management
  • Overall business plan is to build and opportunistically acquire asset management businesses under the GlassBridge umbrella with a focus on product and distribution synergies
  • Strategy employs economies of scale of centralized operations, risk management, finance and marketing

Cutting Edge Investment Strategies:

  • GlassBridge’s Hedge Fund Business is poised to manage capital through several bespoke cutting-edge quantitative equity strategies including machine learning that are included within the Clinton capacity agreement
    • Focus has been on tailored product offeringgeared towards underserved retail and high-net-worth channels with the ability to differentiate  and offer multiple channels 
  • The Company is uniquely positioned to take advantage of opportunities across both fundamental and quantitative investing sometimes referred to as quantimental
  • GlassBridge has a partnership with Roc Nation, through which it has made several investments
    • The joint venture is focused on (i) leveraged buyouts and investments in consumer-facing businesses and (ii) venture capital investments in emerging social media, technology and consumer businesses