Cinderella’s Glass Closet (http://cinderellasglasscloset.com/) is the first known "POSITIVE" Reality TV + Fashion Blog. Although there may have been other “nice” blogs before we started (in April of 2011)-No one was calling themselves a “Positive” blogger before then. Cinderella’s Glass Closet loves to break CELEBRITY AND FASHION NEWS. We also have been known to complete the most one on one EXCLUSIVE CELEBRITY INTERVIEWS out of any other blog in a similar category.

We have interviewed stars from networks such as Bravo’s THE REAL HOUSEWIVES Series, The Style Network’s JERSEYLICIOUS, GLAM FAIRY, and BIG RICH TEXAS. We pride ourselves in building relationships with not only these two networks (VH1, MTV and more are in our portfolio), but we strive to work with PR teams (AMELIA MELONIA PR is our MAIN PR), CELEBRITIES themselves, FASHION DESIGNERS (we work with MARISA KENSON), and many others in the industry. Networking is extremely important to Cinderella’s Glass Closet, and it allows us to pull from a roster of STARS to INTERVIEW at any time. We encourage you to see the blog and our “CELEBRITY INTERVIEW” section.

We may live in the midwest, but we do travel. We just returned home from a fabulous VIP trip where we attended events with our friends / celebrities: KATHY WAKILE, TRACY DiMARCO,  MARISA KENSON, SARAH WINCHESTER, GRETCHEN ROSSI, and others in the industry. We are thankful for the amazing time! Of course we are available for travel with notice. Please see our “business opportunities” section on the blog.
Cinderella’s Glass Closet is not only interviewing the stars, but we are open for interviews. We have been GUEST BLOGGING, and thanks to our PR (AMELIA MELONI PR) we land on the PR wire ourselves. We are open to doing interviews with other publications and blogs so please ask. Feel free to see SOME of the press that we have already completed (not all is listed) on Cinderella’s Glass Closet. We would love to open ourselves up for more press or OTHER opportunities in general so please contact us via the blog.

Lastly, we will be announcing a GREAT CHARITY event that we will get behind very soon. Thank you to all that support Cinderella’s Glass Closet: Our team and of course the readers! If you would like to learn more about myself (the owner of the blog) please see the blog and the “about me” section. I have a background in fashion; see my cause, and more. We are open for business, fun, comments, support, and of course “POSITIVITY.” LINK TO THE BLOG: http://cinderellasglasscloset.com/