I hope my furniture speaks clearly, in a language that conveys a sense of the person behind the art; of someone who loves the creative process and respects the beauty of the material from which it is made. As each viewer moves a hand along the lines of the work, I want them to sense the skill and love for the craft needed to create it.

For me each new design is a small adventure, exploring my imagination and the potential of the material. Like craftsmen of the past, I prefer to perform my work using fine hand tools instead of relying on machines that may technically speed completion, but limit the scope of the design. Machines, while certainly useful at times, can create an artificial distance between the artist and the material. My hands-on approach allows me to let the design’s simplicity reveal itself, creating a piece that imparts serenity and calm, reflecting the tree’s grace and strength. As each design becomes real and tangible, I get a sense of a tree evolving into a new life as a useful piece of art. I’m grateful to be the catalyst for this rebirth.