THE PRODUCT: The GlideCycle (GC) is a patented, revolutionary outdoor physical trainer that explosively enhances the running and walking ability of every user, athletic or disabled. The GC comfortably suspends the rider in our patented and truly innovative saddle, putting no pressure on the perineum or crotch, letting users train with virtually zero impact on healthy or even injured bones and joints! GlideCycle training feels like “running on the moon,“ yet it provides a high level cardio/aerobic, outdoor workout, that trains leg and buttock muscles like no other equipment can. The GlideCycle product series include: PT or Personal Trainer – first to market, GlidesDale - for larger persons (up to 350 lbs), GlideTrak (indoor therapy and sports training) Child’s Trainer - (5-12 yrs old), GC-4 - (4-wheel for therapy), extreme sport Single Track - for off-road, and the Sail Rig - for high speed land sailing. It is, in fact, a totally new sport!

THE MARKET: Three proven market segments exist: Therapy and Rehabilitation; Sports Training and Rehabilitation; and the General Consumer.

What is a GlideCycle™ ?

The World's First Unweighted Sport Runner

Running with wheels
Imagine being able to run on the moon...with less than .3 times your body weight!  Imagine how much fun it would be to run for 3, 5, 10, or even 20 miles.  Imagine taking strides half as long as your car and averaging speeds of 8 to 12 mph.  Imagine if that were possible!!!    GlideCycle™ makes it possible for you...

Run with Anyone
Do you ever dream of running along with your partner, friends or kids who are training for a marathon again?  Do you imagine wizzing by speedy joggers...or even running faster than your dog for a change?  When you run unweighted on your GlideCycle you can----------come in first...finally.

GlideCycle™ Unweighting
Unweighting or partial weight bearing has been used by pro sports teams, elite athletes and competitive runners as a major key to performance enhancement, accelerated recovery from injury, and maintenance of  high level conditioning for years. Now, GlideCycle™ brings the unweighted running experience to Anyone Outdoors!  Whether you are 12 or 85; in great athletic shape or deconditioned, impaired or overweight to even 350lbs, unweighting to .3 times gravity will let you run as if you were on the moon...without the usual post exercise pain and fatigue!  

Ultimate Cross-Training Solution
GlideCycle™ can bring to you: pain-free distance running, interval training, powerful hill climbing and recovery workouts by eliminating damaging impact to knees, hips, back and ankle joints. With GlideCycle™ cross-training you now have the ability to protect and maintain healthy joints for a lifetime of exciting unweighted running and exercise outdoors.

Go Anywhere  
GlideCycle™ on bike lanes, unpaved roads, woodland trails, hills and even hard sand beaches. GlideCycles™ break down and set up quickly, slip into their handy tote bag, and travel in the car, bus, airplane or even your canoe.

Proof in Research:  
A new Brigham Young University study states that GlideCycleTM reduced ground reaction force to .34 times Body Weight compared to running at 2.39 time body weight. That means a 250lb person hits the ground each step with 597lbs of ground reaction force running and only 85lbs on a GlideCycle™.  

The GlideCycle™ Saddle...a totally new concept

The GlideCycle™  patented ergonomic saddle lifts your body by the pelvis, thus eliminating pressure on the sensitive perineal tissues of the crotch.  Your body is comfortably supported up into the GlideCycle™ smooth-arch suspension allowing you to run, walk, or glide along with almost super human speed and grace. Glide along your favorite path with family and friends, or train hard on the track with your sports team.  Get your GlideCycle™ today and you too can experience the thrill of unweighted running and virtually zero impact.

The GlideTrak™ was designed to meet requests from athletic trainers, orthopedists and physical therapists to bring the benefits of cost-effective, unweighted training to the supervised indoor environment of sport training, fitness, therapy and rehabilitation centers.

GlideTrak™ units easily set up over any existing treadmill, allowing it to be used without interference. GlideTrak™ units are perfect for home use or team athletic training.

Call a representative today to see how GlideTrak™ can help your patients reach their goals, and improve and accelerate therapy or sport training outcomes.