At GloFX, we innovate, engineer and pioneer high quality LED and Glow Products. We are a MANUFACTURER, unlike most companies, giving us the edge for providing great products at an amazing price. The GloFX operations team ensures that all products leave our facility in record time- and in top notch condition. Every single order is hand packed, tested, and stamped with our GloFX name before shipping out WORLD WIDE!

      We are proud to back our products with unparalleled customer service and excellent tech support!  Shop with confidence, knowing that not only will you receive the best products on the market, but you will get them fast, and backed by the GloFX guarantee. We ensure all orders ship within 24 hours*, however, most ship out the same-day!

LED Gloves and Custom Glove Sets
LED Orbits (Orbital)
LED Poi & Flow Toys
High-Powered Lasers
Diffraction Glasses
LED Glasses & Gadgets
LED Women’s Accessories
Interactive & Glow-in-the-Dark T-Shirts
Kinetic Sculptures & Light Art
Glow Sticks
Glow Jewelry
and more!