Launch My Art, a website grown out of a real need to bring attention to the vanishing presence of real artisans in the art community, gives craftsmen and women the tools to make a living from their art.
Content: Launch My Art is an online platform built to facilitate the purveying of hand-crafted art in an easy, simplified manner, taking out the middle man of exhibitions and expensive connections to help artisans make a living from their passions. Launched recently through a team in France, Launch My Art recognized the drastic need for hand-crafting artisans to make a living through their art, in an effort to preserve their skills and traditions, and let their art live on through the generations.
“We live in an increasingly money-driven, individualistic society,” states a representative of the site. “Efficiency and capital has infiltrated even art, as people find less and less time to actually go out and seek the art they’d like to see. We’ve recognized the growing need in the artisan community for a window back into the modern world, and a need from art lovers to readily find a source of hand-crafted art.”
Launch My Art is built for artisans, giving each artist their own online gallery, certified online copyright claims, and a professional portfolio to further increase their presence online and garner more customers. Customers, on the other hand, have the option to simply browse through the site to find their favorite artists, and relive the golden age of art in a world that’s increasing its pace ever so quickly and seems to find no room for the patience of artisanship.
“Selling and buying art is so much easier now through the Launch My Art online gallery,” stated its representative. “For art lovers, it’s a golden opportunity to discuss artworks with the masters of imagination, appreciate artists and buy their original creations online directly, without any hassle.”
During the Romantic period in European history, art came to be seen as "a special faculty of the human mind to be classified with religion and science.” It’s special existence as something that transcends the rational and spiritual aspects of human logic, and aims to strike a singular, yet multi-fold, self-expressing, ever-shifting path through both philosophy and science, tapping purely into the imagination of each and every person as an expression of the artist’s own state of being objectified and made a thing of reflection for the viewer, makes it the most important heritage mankind possesses.
Keeping that heritage alive and in the pure hands of human imagination is our responsibility as art lovers – and our duty as artists.

About Us: Launch My Art is a marketplace for artisans and hand-crafting enthusiasts to share and sell their art, keeping the tradition of proper artisanship alive in an increasingly digital world.
By paying tribute to the very essence of what makes human art, and paying homage to the decades, centuries and millennia of artistic evolution, Launch My Art seeks to help art proliferate and stay alive through commercialization.