GDR is the SMARTsm document governance solution that enables Financial Institutions to analyze, organize and control documents to lower risk and comply with regulations. GDR unifies document silos and works with existing data architectures to help financial intuitions capture, manage and share this information with authorized users, vendors and consumers. By applying GDR’s proactive document governance, Financial Institutions can ensure that their documents are complete, available, protected and managed through their entire lifecycle. GDR enables consumer account transparency of documentation and centralized enterprise level document reporting. GDR’s turnkey solution is customizable to business needs and more cost effective than internally built solutions. GDR is the only debt registry for non-mortgage consumer debt.

Global Debt Registry was identified by American Banker as one of the strongest new ideas at Finovate last fall. Clients include large creditors as well as debt buyers and their collection agencies. (www.globaldebtregistry.com)