Innovative Legal Technology Solutions for Firms, Corporations and Service Providers

There are a limited number of experienced, flexible and efficient options for projects that have cross-border discovery requirements and those options, when available, are often costly.  In addition, most service providers are constrained to their operational bases and have difficulty providing remote services often required in today's marketplace.  

Global Electronic Discovery & Disclosure Group (Global EDD Group™) is a boutique consulting company that provides provides legal technology services for matters with a national or international scope, specializing in remote and onsite services ranging from data identification to document review.  The company was founded by industry veteran Brad Mixner with the vision of bridging the wide gap between domestic organizations and their growing national and international legal technology needs.

We have broad experience across North America, Asia and Europe.  This experience, couple with our vast network of resources, enables us to be well versed in providing services at remote locations within diverse environments, efficiently and effectively reducing the boundaries typical associated with legal technology solutions.

We can assist you with your global legal technology needs, utilizing facilities in the following locations or remotely at points in between:

Asia:   Beijing, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Seoul, Shanghai, Singapore, Taiwan,  Tokyo  
Europe:  Berlin, Brussels, London, Paris
Middle East:  Dubai
North America:  Cleveland, New York, San Francisco, Washington, D.C.