Global Expats is dedicated to assisting expatriated families around the world during their stance abroad. It uses a "local search directory" model, www.global-xpats.com, to provide the information families relocating to a new city so desperately need, upon their relocation as well as during their entire stance abroad.

Its founder, Quenby Wilcox, originally came up with the idea for Global Expats in 2006, but its development has been hampered by a high-conflict international divorce and domestic violence case, which is presently headed towards international courts against Spain for human rights violations (see Gonzales vs. USA, 2011 https://www.aclu.org/human-rights-womens-rights/jessica-gonzales-v-usa.)

Amnesty International’s report Que Justicia Especializada? and video testimony of one victim in Spain identifies and exposes the problems victims are encountering in courts around the world (posted on www.es.amnesty.org/paises/espana/violencia-de-genero.)
The challenges Ms. Wilcox has encountered within the Spanish system have provided her with the opportunity to experience first-hand to what extent governments are turning a blind-eye to the rampant cover-up of domestic abuse by family courts. Her own on-going case is no longer just about her personal quest for justice, but for the millions of victims in North America, Europe and Australia.

The enormity and gravity of the widespread rape, torture, mental duress, and often murder of women and children in these countries, sanctioned by the very governments who have a legal obligation to protect them, are at such proportions that they constitute crimes against humanity.

Details of Ms. Wilcox’s case, her research into the key issues, lobbying of US and Spanish government agencies, and submission to the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women are posted on http://worldpulse.com/user/2759/journal.

Ms. Wilcox can be contacted at quenby@global-xpats.com,  +00.1 (202) 213-4911,  skype: quenby.wilcox2, or www.linkedin.com/pub/dir/Quenby/Wilcox.