Global LAV is an armored car dealer based in Clearwater, Florida, USA. Our mission is to protect human life by providing safer cars. We supply high quality armored vehicles to protect people across the globe. We have armoring facilities in the United States, Canada, Pakistan and UAE. Our main objective is to give their clients peace of mind.

We try to create value for all our stakeholders. We treat everybody with respect, and that includes our employees, our clients, and the community. We don’t just build armored cars, but we ensure that each one of our products function as they are supposed to do. We do our best to be on top of the industry by creating innovations, quality finishing, unparalleled customer service, and unequaled protection.

The goal of Global LAV is to improve on our products and services. Being the best is not enough for us. We specialize in the armoring process that consists of engineering, manufacturing, and providing armored cars that protect the driver and the passengers against ballistics, forced entry, projectiles, and explosives. We continue to expand our customer base by delivering high quality products and/or services.

The world is changing rapidly and so does the armored car industry. In the past, armor plating was just for trucks and tanks. Now even ordinary vehicles can be modified and turned into an armored car. Even in this changing world, we strive to keep to our core values in order to achieve our goals.

Global LAV provides armored cars across the globe at competitive prices. Aside from cars, we also have other armored vehicles such as SUVs, cash in transit, personal passenger and commercial vehicles.

Global LAV also offers maritime solutions for people who need protection while travelling through water. Some of our marine vessels include Inshore Patrol Vessels, Offshore Patrol Vessels, Fisheries Vessels, Landing Craft and Police Vessels.

Aside from armored vehicles, Global LAV also provides various security products such as air filter, hazmat gas mask, ballistic blanket, bomb blanket, non-ballistic and ballistic shields, riot face shield, and a lot more. We make sure that people are safe inside and outside the vehicle. Global LAV allows drivers to quench their need for speed with Nitrous Oxide Systems. Our systems provide unmatched horsepower and can help armored cars accelerate faster.

Global LAV offers quicker and reliable turn-around time. We are experienced in shipping armored vehicles across the globe. Our Logistics Department can handle all the transportation needs to deliver the vehicle from our facilities to our clients. We utilize ground, ocean and air cargo shipping.

Contact Global LAV today to get a quote or use our online quote form. We also have a Live Chat service that will connect potential clients with an armored car support specialist.

GLOBAL LAV has specialized in the armoring process, which consists in  engineering, manufacturing & delivering cars that protect you against explosions, ballistics, projectiles, and/or forced entry.

Global LAV is able to provide armored cars anywhere in the world, at competitive prices. Global LAV also offers a quicker and reliable turn-around time.

Contact Global LAV for all of your armoring solutions. We also customize. +1 813 602 1748.