GlobalMed® develops integrated, connected health solutions for healthcare providers and corporate health programs.  Our mission is to transform healthcare globally with secure and efficient health delivery systems that improve access and quality of care, while eliminating unnecessary costs.  The overall goal is to provide value- and evidence-based medicine to improve patient outcomes.  GlobalMed’s broad array of connected medical devices and patient data workflow systems enable complete patient encounters from the patient location and the doctor to anywhere around the world, across a full range of healthcare specialties.
GlobalMed offers four platforms: the ClinicalAccess® Mobile Telemedicine Station, the WallDoc® Telemedicine Station, the LiteExam® Mobile Telemedicine Station, and the Transportable Exam Station®, or TES®.
The GlobalMed family of examination cameras provide crystal clear digital imagery of patients’ skin, throat, eyes and inner ear.  The TotalExam®3 Exam Camera is an autofocus, high definition unit with interchangeable camera heads for general exam and otoscopy.  The TotalExam®HD camera is a full 1080p high-definition, autofocus camera for dermatology applications.  The Variable Polarizing Hood® works with either camera to eliminate unwanted glare.
GlobalMed’s eNcounter® Software is a secure and easy to use platform for remote patient sessions. It can work with any EHR to acquire and preserve patient data, studies and medical images in DICOM format.  GlobalMed’s eNcounter Cloud allows providers to save the data and images from a patient session to a facility’s PACS server, to a cloud server, or to both with the security of encryption.