Neater Pet Brands is the manufacturer of the Neater Feeder, Big Bowl, & Giant Bowl. Our mission is to bring innovative products to market that enhance the joys of pet ownership by making care of the pet easier and by positively impacting the pets daily life. The President of Neater Pet Brands is Fernando Becattini, Jr. Fernando Jr. has enjoyed a 25 year business career that has included real estate development, venture capital investment and building a successful Philadelphia area restaurant chain. Fernando Jr., in collaboration with his father and through inspiration provided by Duke, the original sloppy dog, invented the Neater Feeder and founded Neater Pet Brands to bring this and other exciting new products to market. Fernando Jr. is one of the members of the Board of Managers of Neater Pet Brands.

Fernando Becattini, Sr. is also a member of Neater Pet Brands Board of Managers. Fernando Sr.'s distinguished career includes medical research positions at The University of Alabama and The University of Cincinnati and publishing numerous papers in scientific journals, running a medical equipment company and building a successful Philadelphia area restaurant chain.

Advisory Board Members and Partners
Neater Pet Brands Advisory Board members have a wealth of experience in the pet and retail industries and our partners include professionals from the pet retailing, legal and information technology industries just to name a few areas of expertise available to management.

Our Advisory Board includes:

Daniel Kaufman is Senior Vice President and General Counsel of GameStop Corp. (NYSE: GME) a Fortune 500 and S&P 500 company, with over 6200 stores in 17 countries. Mr. Kaufman also served as General Counsel of two other a publicly traded specialty retail chains, Electronics Boutique (EB Games) and Zany Brainy.

Michael Thompson is a Vice President at American Capital, Ltd. Prior to joining American Capital, Mr. Thompson was President and Chief Executive Officer of Flexi-Mat Corporation, founded 1948 in Chicago, IL. Flexi-Mat was the leading producer, importer and marketer of pet beds. With a history of product innovation, the company led the commercialization of pet beds for over 35 years.
Ed Curry is a principal at the management consulting firm of Curry & Hurd, LLC. Prior to forming Curry & Hurd he was the Chief Operating Officer of Siemens Moore Products and served on the Board of Directors of Siemens Moore Products and Wheeling Pittsburgh Steel.

Fred Allegrezza is a serial entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in Executive/Technology Management and Business Development in the Computer and Communications sector. Fred has been founder, CEO, and angel investor of multiple successful startup companies. Most recently, Fred is currently CEO and co-Founder of Venture 3 Systems building Easy to Use Touch Screen computers.  Fred previously was Executive Chairman and Investor of AnySource Media, a Connected TV software company acquired at a premium by DivX in September of 2009.

Special Advisor:
Rick Mellinger brings a variety of experience to the Advisory Board especially in the retail pet products industry. Most recently he was President of PetNovations, Inc., maker of CatGenie, the worlds only self-flushing, self-washing cat box. Before PetNovations he was an owner, President and CEO of The Invisible Fence Company (IFCO).

Duke - The Original Sloppy Dog
For Duke, the third time wasn't a charm. We're not exactly sure what Duke did back in 2006 on that two hour drive from Philadelphia to Baltimore to convince his new owner's that he was more than they had bargained for. Whatever he did, it was convincing. Duke was only two years old when his third attempt at finding a happy home failed (the couple from Baltimore returned him to the rescue shelter for German Wirehaired Pointers without ever getting him out of their car). Luckily for Duke and for us, we came along soon thereafter and Duke finally had a home.
It didn't take long to understand why his previous owners were less than impressed with Duke. He was a sweet and loveable dog, but he had a nose for finding trouble and absolutely no table manners at all. In fact, on more than one occasion we found Duke, all 95 pounds of him, standing on top of the dinner table eating the leftovers off the plates. We even caught him eating fried eggs out of the frying pan on the stovetop while they were still cooking! However, there was a silver lining in Duke's sloppy dining habits. The mess Duke and his sister Dakota made when eating and drinking would eventually inspire the creation of The Neater Feeder.

Causes We Support
Neater Pet Brands is committed to partnering with and supporting groups and organizations that benefit both pets and humans alike. This support will include donating a percentage of our profits to these causes. Our first partner is an organization called Pals For Life based in Radnor, PA.