Global Strategy Connections Ltd along with it's subsidiary Commodities Global Group are brokers of commodities on a worldwide scale. Global Strategy Connections Ltd is a UK (London) registered company, with offices in Brussels, Belgium and two independent representatives in China.
They deal primarily in coal (steam and metallurgical), petroleum products (i.e. diesel (D2 & D6), JP54, Mazut 100 and others) Iron Ore (specializing in high quality 63%FE+) and copper ore, cathodes and scrap). They also deal in other minerals, scrap iron & steel, chemicals and precious metals. They have developed a wide array of mines, mandates and specialty suppliers for the products they provide.
Their website can be viewed at: http://globalstrategyconnectionsltd.com .
They can be contacted by eMail at info-4-u@global-strategy-connections.com
Companies interested receiving a SCO are required to submit a dated LOI with specifications, quantities and bank information. They will be happy to discus what they have available and pricing and delivery for those products.
Wayne Stanley, owner of the two companies said "I enjoy doing business with friends. People and companies we do business with become our friends and we don't treat our friends badly. We treat them the way they would like to be treated. That is what business is all about, creating good deals where everyone wins and enjoy doing business together. We help educate our clients, so they can make the best decisions and reach their goals."
The next time your company requires any of the commodities mentioned, they will be happy to help you.

We all wish you success,
Global Strategy Connections Ltd