Global NES of Oregon specializes in energy efficiencies methodologies and renewable energy technologies powered by clean sustainable solar, wind, hydroelectric and geothermal energy sources. We partner with businesses, governments and industrial clients to identify, design, finance, and build new energy solutions that deliver energy efficiency and take advantage of today's most innovative renewable energy technologies.

We develop a custom designed system, meeting the energy needs of your company and your community. Renewable Energy solutions deliver long term financial and environmental benefits that are critical for success in today's demanding markets.


Global NES offers a 360° Approach:

·         We listen to our customers in order to fully understand our clients goals and objectives

·         We complete an in-depth, state of the art energy evaluation and analysis to determine efficiency, as well as, system options that meet our client’s needs

·         We propose and implement energy reduction measures reducing overall energy consumption

·         We design and build innovative renewable systems that reduce or eliminate energy expense

·         We partner with our clients to deliver financial options and incentives that maximize Return on Investment