We’re a team of 50+ full-time and 200+ part-time analysts who have proven record in business intelligence and consulting. We’ve expertise across various industry verticals including Aerospace & Defence, Agriculture, Automotive & Transportation, Chemicals & Advanced Materials, Food & Beverages and Healthcare.

Unlike most of our competitors, our business model is built around a high ratio of part-time to full-time analysts. We strongly believe that every market subscribes to some characteristics of its industry but is inherently different on many fronts. Our flexible analyst pool enables us to cherry-pick the right resources to deliver the best possible results for our clients. We bring together the brightest and experienced analysts, tailor-made to execute the studies commissioned to us.

We provide world-class market intelligence and insights to help organizations identify high growth areas. Ultimately, we aspire to be an inevitable part in the success of large and small businesses by providing unparalleled insights into upcoming, niche markets across verticals.

Know more about us on: www.globalmarketestimates.com