At GlobeScale Business Growth Consultants (GlobeScale), we connect successful businesses like yours with the information and the right contacts to open up doors and allow you to export your business to other markets. We remove the risk associated with international expansion, helping you navigate the waters and performing most of the detailed legwork for you.

GlobeScale was setup in 2006 to support international trade development between Canada and the United Kingdom. The company has since grown and supports growth within Australia, New Zealand and the United States of America as well as Canada and the United Kingdom.

GlobeScale is an international business consultancy that looks to support a range of private and public sector activities. The company is able to support government international trade and foreign direct investment (FDI) activities as well as private sector businesses in relation to their export development and commercialisation of their products and services.

The company continues to develop and establish links with key government, finance and industry links within the countries which we trade in which has meant the introduction of key finance and operational staff to bolster the activities which the company can undertake and to provide key skills and backgrounds.

GlobeScale has decided to support the businesses within these countries due to the fact that their governments are very proactive in supporting the export growth of their businesses. In 2012 the company began to develop its presence in Australia market due to its strong Asian focus and the wealth of financial support available