To save the world she must die!  Or does she?
Release date: Immediately

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Young woman is the key to saving the world

For as long as she can remember, La'tiera has known her purpose, her destiny.  As the Bearer of the Eye, she will wait until the appointed time then sacrifice herself to the demons so the lands will be safe.  
Yet as the time approaches, she is snatched from her home by strangers and is told it is for her protection.  These strangers tell her she is not to be a sacrifice, but must fight to live in order for the world to be saved.  
La'tiera will not be swayed, however, her duty clear.  Despite their clever lies, she will follow through on her destiny and do what is required.  Her every effort will be put to freeing herself from her kidnappers and meeting her fate as planned..

1. Young Adult Fantasy
2. What one thinks they know is not always the truth
3.  Stubbornness can be a strength and a weakness
4. A good read for the whole family

Gloria Oliver is the author of several novels, including "In the Service of Samurai" and "Vassal of EL".  More info on her and her novels can be found at www.gloriaoliver.com