Gluten Free Society is your complete resource on all things gluten!  Video tutorials, Interactive Forum, Gluten Free TV, Recipes, and moreā€¦

Welcome to the first online education site dedicated to helping people identify and deal with  gluten sensitivity.

Our mission is to:

  1. Educate the world about the broad reaching nature of gluten on human health and wellness.
  2. Provide easy to use, non ivasive tools to help identify those who are gluten sensitive
  3. Provide the instruction through video, audio, and written tutorials for those trying to embark on a TRUE gluten free lifestyle.
  4. Provide healthy resources for those with gluten intolerance/sensitivity.
  5. Support research endeavors revolving around grains, gluten, lectins, and other compounds within grain that may harm human health.
  6. Provide an ongoing analysis and commentary of research performed in the field of food sensitivity/intolerance.

Our medical board is led by Dr. Peter Osborne, world renowned expert in gluten sensitivity.  Dr. Osborne is Board Certified with the American Clinical Board of Nutrition and maintains a very busy practice in Houston, Texas.


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