GoCat Travel provides home exchange for people who love pets.  Swap homes with other pet owners for easy, affordable vacations without worrying about your pet.

GoCat Travel connects you with people just like you. Now you can safely swap homes with other pet owners knowing your pet will be well cared for while you’re away, just as you are responsibly caring for your exchanger’s pet in return.

Search for other pet owners in cities all over the world… or search by pet. Allergic to cats? Love big dogs? Our advanced search options let you search by city, housing type, dates or pet. You can even see who wants to visit your city and go on an adventure somewhere new.  

With unlimited exchanges and pet friendly members, GoCat Travel takes care of you and your pet for less than the cost of a pet sitter or pet hotel -- only 9,99€ for a 3 month membership -- and you can cancel any time.  

Join the GoCat Travel Community -- swap homes with people just like you, or make new friends! Whether you’re an artist, a business person or just a global citizen, the GoCat Travel Community lets you rate exchanges, share tips and connect to the world.