Tree Of Life Organics mission is to build the ultimate sustainable farms. Combining Food, Live Stock Feed, Energy Production, and Water Purification, all in one neat and tidy local package, we will address the most important environmental and social resource issues.

We call these facilities Earthship Vertical Aquaponics Smartfarms, or E.V.A.S.

All funds for our company are raised through crowd-funding and local fundraisers. We feel the major corporations and banks of the world have not done enough to address the problems of society so we want this to be completely created by the people.

If the people want change, they can come here to find a path.

We plan to continue to expand our greenhouses all over the nation and the world. Using the income generated from selling cheap organic produce, live stock feed, and clean energy to communities in the United States we are creating an economic backbone for sustainable culture around the planet.

Our greenhouses will be outfitted with solar and wind energy, making them completely off the grid systems, that also generate power for the local community. Our E.V.A.S. systems utilize 1% of water compared to traditional farming methods, making them a viable way to address an increasing water conservation problem. Rainwater cisterns will be implemented to make up for evaporation loss. Excess rain water and local water resources can also be filtered on site to provide clean drinking water for the surrounding area.

In interested communities we will assist them with setting up homesteads around the facilities. If people choose they can live completely outside the system.

Once we have achieved our national assistance goal we later plan to turn over the E.V.A.S. in the US to the local communities. Food,and energy do not have to be expensive, and with E.V.A.S. we are making that a reality.