Since 1997, the technology that powers NetOffice has proven itself in tens of thousands of "virtual offices" in every major industry from healthcare to real estate. Our groupware / collaboration tools provide business, government, membership, and service organiza-tions with an affordable alternative to telephone and data network infrastructure invest-ments. By hosting toll-free phone and fax service, data management tools, and file storage on our secure servers, companies avoid the high initial cost of hardware and software, the ongoing expense of system maintenance, and the lost productivity of downtime.

President and CEO, Gene Roush, got the idea for NetOffice™ while working as a cryptographic and communication specialist for the United States Navy in 1976. In those days, it was all CW / Morse Code, Big Teletype machines and high-powered RF communication equipment. Imagine what that would be like carrying around in your backpack today. Suffering from extreme "message overload" and "never-enough-time," Gene always dreamed of a much better way of doing things.

The Company, with headquarters in Honolulu, Hi with sales and support offices in Kent Wa, Del Mar Ca, New Delhi India and Hamburg Germany. NetOffice is a privately held communications based technology company. NetOffice™ has emerged into the 21st century by putting the tools of technology to work for you. This technology-based approach to communications, text, e-mail, social networking and relationship management will change the way you think about Technology and doing business