Golden Communications LLC creates educational apps for iPads that are developed by a Speech/Language Pathologist who works in the public schools with middle and high school students. Our mission is to create "Educational Apps that Matter". In following this mission we are focussing on providing apps for older students as they have been identified by the Joan Ganz Cooney Center as an underserved group in terms of available educational apps. Additionally we make sure that our apps align with the Common Core State Standards and Bloom's Taxonomy.

Our current line of Enchanted Dictionary apps focuses on helping students learn the definitions of vocabulary needed for their success in English/Language Arts, Social Studies, Math and Science. Rather than rote memorization provided by flash cards, the unique game format of Enchanted Dictionary helps students focus on the language of the definitions. They become motivated to notice the wording of the definition so that they can advance in the game play.

Our apps have received numerous favorable reviews including the following from Consonantly Speaking (http://bit.ly/L2CtI5), Speech/Language Neighborhood (http://bit.ly/xNQ1qg), OnSarahsiPad.com (http://onsarahsipad.wordpress.com/?s=enchanted+dictionary&submit=Search) and Appabled.com http://www.appabled.com/?p=197)

Our company is proud of the fact that many school districts with iPad carts are choosing to include our apps as a resource for their students. We participate in Apple's education discount program.

Golden Communications LLC is proud to be associated with family friendly developer group Parents With Apps as well as Moms With Apps. We believe in protecting children's privacy and adhere to COPPA guidelines.