Golden State Appliance Repair's goal is to revolutionize the service industry by offering exemplary customer service, expedited repairs, and transparent pricing. We believe that by running an extremely efficient business and minimizing overhead, we can pass on the lowest prices to our customers.

When you call Golden State Appliance Repair, you will not endure ten minute hold times or confusing call menus. You will speak directly to a human being in California who is trained in appliance repair. This representative will assist you in scheduling an appointment at a time convenient for you and will be able to answer any questions you may have about our service or policies. In case of emergencies, this representative can also instruct you on steps to take to prevent water damage and unsafe appliance operating conditions between the time of your phone call and your technician's arrival.

One of the cornerstones of Golden State Appliance Repair's business philosophy is transparency. We post our pricing guidelines online as well as all of our warranty terms. Our technicians carry a guide for standard pricing for each common appliance repair which they will use to calculate your repair estimate. We provide free DIY repair guides and videos -- invaluable resources for customers interested in trying out simpler repairs themselves.

Golden State Appliance Repair operates in California and only in California. The cost of living in most Californian cities is much higher the rest of the country. We provide simple, transparent pricing and keep costs down by running an efficient business and having as little overhead as possible.

Californians typically lead more active lifestyles than the rest of the country. We accommodate your busy schedule by providing small three-hour appointment windows. We will call you thirty minutes prior to meeting you, enabling you the freedom to do what you need to throughout the day. Many appliance repair services require the customer to be on location during the entire duration of the window. If you're unavailable to be reached by phone, let our representative know and our technicians will accommodate your request by communicating via text messages instead.

See for yourself what sets us apart from other appliance repair services. Give us a call at (510) 370-3330 or set up an appointment online today!