The GoldiloX Press Office represents the electropop band GoldiloX, internationally.

GoldiloX are a musical partnership between singer/songwriter David Browning, and producer/songwriter Don Albert who connected professionally in Cape Town in 2008, and were inspired by their mutual tastes, and differences, to make music together.

Goldilox are a band from the future. David Browning works in international waters off the coast of California, while Don Albert runs a recording resort in Bali.  The two create their dramatic pop and dance music through file sharing and occasional land-based recording sessions to capture the voice and musical virtuosity of David Browning.

The album "Homosexuals and the lies they tell us..." was conceived in Cape Town, but included recording sessions in Johannesburg, Alaska, Cape Town, Los Angeles and finally Bali where the album was mixed and mastered.

The GoldiloX Press Office is administered by the Bali Brand Consultancy.