Several years ago, a small group of below average golfers and great friends decided to take a golf trip to Myrtle Beach.   We loved the game and loved having a great time.  What we didn’t expect was the absolute pain in the ass it is to get these trips planned.  Fast forward a year later, we took our second journey – this time to San Antonio.  Phenomenal time, same predicament.  There just wasn’t an easy way to put these excursions together.  On the plane ride home, we said to each other that we should create our own site to make this process easy on us and our fellow enthusiasts.  At that moment Golf Fore It was born….well not at that exact moment, but you get what we’re saying.  From then on we’ve worked towards putting together a site that helps people organize memorable getaways, without all the pain and suffering we had to go through.  But we didn’t stop there.  We also wanted our site to help get people excited about this great sport, and sharing in all the magnetic things that happen out on the course – ergo Hits & Misses.