I'm the author of a new book entitled Good and Evil,  by I.M. Spartacus.  It's for sale all over the internet NOW.   For full details have a look at   GoodanDevil777.com.    The website's got a huge amount of information relating to my new book.

The book tells the story of how the world got into the state it's in at present.   It tells how leaders of one sort or another have clung to power how the ordinary guy in the street never got a chance.

We, start off about 20,000 BC and move up to ancient Egypt in 4000 BC,  then on to ancient Rome ..... through to the twentieth century and World Wars I  & II.   We then go forward 500 years into the future.

We meet a scientist and hypnotist,  who goes back in time and kidnaps Adolf Hitler, who ends up in Auschwitz.  

There are lots of twists and turns ....... until the final page

Oh,  there's also a free downloadable MP3 file,  that will take you into trance and take you back in time .......  WHO will YOU meet