Googabiz.com . . . who are we?

Googabiz.com is a Local/Mobile online search-marketing firm specializing
in Google Places, Website Design, Mobile design/advertising, Social Media Marketing/Managment, Public Relations Managment, Online Reputation Managment, and Corporate Branding.

Our goal is to help rebuild the economy from the small business owner up, NOT from the corporate giants down! We believe it’s about time the “little guys” got
a FAIR chance! We are here to give them that chance – to give them a
voice in the world of Google, Facebook, and social media— and not just
a tiny peep but a SHOUT that announces, “We are here! We are taking
our economy back! And we are doing it OUR WAY!”
So, if you’re ready to make your shout . . . if you’re ready to target the
right GOOGLERS, scanners, and “socialites” . . . then read on and let us
show you how we can help give you a voice in the new world of social,
local, and mobile marketing!