Goose Dogs For Sale, has over 2 decades of experience.  Owner Cathy Benedict has a passion for customer service.  She has built a reputation for excellence in both the dogs she trains, and the services she provides her clients.

Cathy sells trained Border Collies for the humane management of Canada geese to golf courses, parks and larger properties that benefit from continuous oversight at a more competitive price point.

Our sister company, Goose Rangers, LLC. uses specially trained Border Collies to frighten the geese into believing there are predators present.  The Goose Rangers Border Collies have a unique wolf-like stalk and a mesmerizing "eye" that move the geese into movement and flight,  Our properly trained Border Collies never touch or harm the geese; their intimidating presence is enough to convince the geese to move to a new home.  All of our Border Collies swim after the geese as well during the warmer weather, which really gives the geese something to react to!  Our methods are endorsed by the Humane Society of the United States, are cost effective, and proven to work.

When not working Border Collies to manage Canada geese Cathy is actively engaged with the Humane Society of the United States for animal rescue after natural disasters and in animal cruelty cases.