A year out of college, Scott Gorenstein was representing Broadway icon Carol Channing.

One could say this coup was predestined.

When he was in high school he read a newspaper article about a New York City entertainment publicity firm. He cut out the article, put it in a drawer and then contacted the same firm after college graduation.

He got the job.

Early in his career he represented  major celebrities such as Luther Vandross, Mark Wahlberg, Suzanne Somers, Mandy Patinkin, Kate Mulgrew and handled tour press for MC Hammer and Janet Jackson putting him in contact with every music reporter and photographer in the country.

Since then Scott has found a home on any red carpet and has racked up decades of experience as an entertainment publicist.

He has also represented media properties such as Reader’s Digest, Stuff magazine and CosmoGIRL! and handled large scale product launch events for Blackberry, Coca-Cola and Dubai Airlines. Compounding his experience as a media professional he has also booked talent at Comedy Central, USA Network and Fox News Channel.

In 2009 he realized his dream of representing Liza Minnelli and since then has concentrated on his own firm capitalizing on his extensive industry knowledge and creative expertise to secure the highest quality of exposure for his clients.