About Gorilla Technology
Gorilla Technology, a privately held company established in 2001, specializes in video intelligence and IoT technology, supporting a wide range of video-centric and content management applications for retail, enterprise and surveillance. Our machine learning and deep learning video analysis algorithms identify, analyze and extract information from digital content to drive business intelligence solutions and automation.

Leading hardware partners Dell, EMC, Acer and ViewSonic facilitate seamless integration of Gorilla's IVAR video analytics technology with best-of-breed hardware, including embedded systems. We leverage data center and cloud infrastructure providers, such as Telstra, and Amazon Web Services, to manage over 40 petabytes of content across 5 continents in multiple languages. Gorilla's Video IoT Platform also enables a range of robust cloud-based solutions for media management and content delivery to fulfill enterprise demands in industrial and commercial environments.

Gorilla's Vision
Gorilla Technology's cutting-edge video intelligence solutions transform business processes across a myriad of industries by unlocking the vast trove of data embedded in video streams. IoT devices augment this data trove and provide a means to act on the results of data analysis in real-time.

Gorilla Technology is committed to R&D as the foundation for creating value. We are among a handful of companies that possess domain-specific content management kernels. Atop this base, we apply our Video IoT Platform to achieve management, business and security convergence.

Management Convergence improves productivity and communication within an enterprise by coupling video analysis and IoT devices with a centralized system to manage meetings, attendance, performance metrics and training tools.

Business Convergence increases revenue opportunities in the commercial sector by leveraging video intelligence and IoT sensors to drive decision-making based on metrics and observed behaviors.

Security Convergence integrates surveillance information with physical security, enabling people and vehicle identification and verification, as well as object search and tracking. Real-time events enhance situational awareness and reduce risk.