The Federal State Unitary Enterprise (FSUE) “Standartinform” together with the American friends produces the new sanctions list against the Russian small business enterprises.

The issue is the letter signed by John Pace, the Vice President of the American company ASTM. The English and Russian texts of the official letter by ASTM International are available on the web-site of Federal Agency on Technical Regulating and Metrology (Rosstandart).

This letter indicates the list of the Russian companies that “… are not the licensed distributors of ASTM International on the territory of the Russian Federation and in Eurasian region. These organizations have no completed Agreements with ASTM International, and they have no legal authority to resell, distribute, translate or otherwise use the contents of the ASTM publications and dereliction works”.

But if one follows the contents of the letter, then all the Russian companies should be included into this list, because no one has the agreement with ASTM! Then why was this favor provided only to these few ones?

Let us turn attention to the example of the highly specialized company “Master Dannykh” LLC, which works with the records normalization of the corporate material references as well as the references of the regulatory documents and contractors, in the professional way. These references optimize the internal procurements.

The site of “Master Dannykh” LLC has no information about the distribution of ASTM standards. What is more, the company never offered the distribution the distribution of ASTM standards. John Pace should not know about the existence of this organization at all, but it is included into his list. How could it happen?

The answer is rather simple. “Master Dannykh” LLC won the tender for the supply of the Russian standards (not the American ones!) for one of the subdivisions of Rosatom. The tender was held in accordance with the legislation of the RF and the requirements of 223-Federal law. The Russian legislation allows keeping the private standard databases, and a lot of information systems make the business on that.

“Standartinform” FSUE, headed by h. t. Director General Vitushkin Vyacheslav Aleksandrovich, decided to involve the American partners and provided ASTM with the list of the companies who infringe the rights of ASTM, in his judgment, and at the same time, he included “Master Dannykh” LLC, for which he has a grouch on, because of the tender. Thereby, Vitushkin V. A. created his personal “blacklist” of the organization, and he speculates with it when communicating with the prospect customers. Thus “Standartinform” FSUE caused the reputational damage to the small Russian company absolutely undeservingly and with the help of aspersion because of being afraid of the business competition. What is the most unpleasant is that they involved their unwitting colleague from ASTM.

Surely, there are no and cannot be any evidence of “Master Dannykh” LLC company’s complicity to the distribution of ASTM standards. These acts are qualified by article 128.3 of Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. The lawyers of “Master Dannykh” LLC prepare the documents for the production in Judiciary of the Russian Federation.