Ramsdens Financial is a pioneer in the scrap gold market. Got Gold Get Cash is their market-leading online service for customers who want a simple and secure means of converting unwanted gold (typically jewellery) into cash. Ramdens were one of the first trusted brands in this field, a fact reflected by the scale of the online business today.
This trust is built upon over 30 years of presence in local communities as niche relationship lenders and the secure, insured methods we use to handle customers' gold.
The Got Gold Get Cash process is very quick and simple in practice. A customer estimates the value of their gold using the online calculator and then requests a GoldPak. The gold is then sent to Got Gold Get Cash in the GoldPak at no cost to the customer for postage or insurance.
A final valuation is undertaken and a cheque is sent to the customer.
This simple and secure way of turning unwanted gold into cash appeals to many people, especially those who are reticent to approach a pawnbrokers.