Grabbit Media Private Limited introduced a unique and first of its kind, well defined automated O2O Platform for Merchant and the Customer – Grabbit Media App, an “Around You” App.
Compendious and proximate local information at the touch and mouse together!
Our journey started in the year 2015 with an idea of developing an O2O Digital Pamphleting Platform founded and promoted by Top Engineering and B-School’s. The founders of the Grabbit Media App sensed that Paper Pamphleting is a big media advertisement but it never gives the desired result and due to which the merchant never gets benefited with it. Also, Paper Pamphlets requires a huge amount of woods which causes the cutting of trees and losing forests, which is dangerous for Globe. So, the promoters thought to develop such an environment where the merchant/vendor can advertise their unlimited deals and discounts through the digital Pamphlets provided by Grabbit Media App, and within no time the Deals or Discount is populated to the users. The Company then got incorporated in the Year 2017, with its Head office at New Delhi.
Grabbit Media App got its first funding from an Angel Investor (Name not disclosed) with INR 15 Million (1.5 Crore).
Now the company has more than 20 Dedicated Technical Brains from reputed institutions like IIT, IIM, BIT etc, are involved in it. We are glad to initiate this campaign for end users to get the maximized profits at their proximate areas with just one click.
We have been very enthusiastic about delivering superlative customer experiences in all sectors of Retail, Travel, Hospitality, Real Estate, Beauty, Fitness, Service Sectors and Education. The Mobile Application has been launched for both Google Play Store and Apple App Store as is being loved by users which is more than 40000 and increasing at a good pace.
Our core “Vision & Mission “is to help in Green Technology and Save the Tree movement by providing Digital Pamphlets to its Users and to save the money of Merchants, so that they can invest in their Products / Services and provide the best one to its end users & where no boundaries in offering Deals / Discounts. We believe in “Smooth Sailing” that can be achieved only through the higher expectations - said by Mr. Kalyan Dubey, CEO of Grabbit Media App.
Grabbit Media App provides all the details of the offers/daily deals of the merchants to the customer within the radius of 10KM making customer engagements a faster and better experience. A well-defined automated B2C platform for Merchant and the Customer which provides Merchant with a login dashboard and the customizable template to showcase their offers and make it visible to customers within few minutes- the fastest way of showcasing your offers/daily deals. Effortlessly promote new products, upcoming events, or exclusive/special deals and deliver it to customer’s right in the palm of their hand.
Users can search for local information at all locations Including now in Delhi/NCR, Lucknow, Kolkata, Chandigarh, Patna and spreading across all India in domestic hubs as well.
About Grabbit Media Private Limited:
Grabbit provides the easiest and fastest merchant- customer engagement. With all businesses looking to reach customer with their offers/deals the fastest and easiest way and reduce the time - cost cycle of printing, moving towards the philosophy of no paper and green environment. An innovative and new way to engage with guests, improve customer satisfaction & encourage customer loyalty. Cutting through the barriers of brick & mortar businesses with limited resources (both human & financial) to dedicate an elaborate strategy of engaging with customers and closely managing customer relations/communications. We are specialized in IT sectors and we are a team of experienced professionals from reputed institutes.
For more information, visit:  https://www.grabbit.co.in/

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