Gracie & Co. is the sole distributor for the GracieLoo dog litter box, which is designed exclusively for toy breeds and other small dogs. Victoria Blackstone is the owner of Gracie & Co., the inventor of the GracieLoo and the author of "How to Train Your Dog to Use a Litter Box," published on Amazon. She is currently the guardian of Stella, a Yorkshire terrier she adopted in 2011 from a dog rescue organization. Victoria was endeared to the breed when she adopted her first rescue Yorkie, Lucy, in 1992. The namesake for Victoria’s company and the GracieLoo was Gracie, her beloved Yorkie that Victoria adopted in 1995. Gracie’s handicapped senior years inspired Victoria to help others learn how to train their handicapped dogs to use a litter box. Gracie & Co.'s office/manufacturing/warehouse facility is based in Atlanta, GA. For more information, please visit www.LitterBoxTrainYourDog.com